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In addition to our year-round private dining facilities and celebrated culinary team, membership grants you exclusive access to the Club’s in-house Sommelier and private wine collection, as well as an open-ended invitation to one-of-a-kind food and wine experiences featuring guest chefs, local breweries, distillers, and wine producers.

Our extensive wine program includes private cellar tours, winemaker’s dinners, access to limited small-batch sales, product launches, bespoke winery tours, and more.

Multiple bottles of white wine on ice in a silver bucket.

In-house Sommelier Ryan Zanette grew up in Florida before moving back to Ontario to pursue a career in the winemaking industry. After graduating from the Winemaking and Viticulture program at Niagara College, Zanette went overseas to Europe to complete a vintage, working at various establishments in England and in the Mosel. 

Upon his return in 2016, he was instrumental in several successful initiatives with VQA Wines of Ontario and Wine Country Ontario brands before joining the University Club of Toronto. Now, Zanette spearheads the Club’s robust wine program, offering Members his expertise as they grow their collections and their palettes.

The Club’s wine cellar is home to over 5000 bottles that have been carefully collected since 1929 showcasing a multitude of magnificent producers and vintages from around the world. Whether you’re an oenophile or casual drinker, Members are encouraged to explore the impressive collection when entertaining guests or indulging with others.

Man in suit standing in wine cellar
Wine bottles in a cellar of wooden shelving

For the lovers of food and drink, the Club offers a wide range unique communal dining experiences ranging from intimate winemaker’s dinners hosted by world-renowned producers, to collaborative cuisine events with guest chefs.

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