Club Etiquette

The University Club of Toronto was built with an entrepreneurial heart and a rebellious spirit. In keeping with the character of the Club, we ask that Members and their guests are courteous of the guidelines set forth and respectful of others above all else.

For the comfort and privacy of all our Members, photography and videos are not permitted to be taken anywhere in the Club without permission. If you are a member of the media or would like to film/photograph within the club, please contact us.

While tipping is customary in some establishments, our staff are prohibited from accepting gifts or gratuities directly from Members or guests.

In establishing acceptable dress within the Club, the Board has attempted to balance contemporary business attire norms with the Club’s traditions.   

Conventional business attire (jacket and tie for men) is always acceptable in this context. In addition, members and guests are permitted to wear smart casual attire, as defined below, throughout the clubhouse, except when attending an event where the dress has been specified (eg. black tie). 

For gentlemen, smart casual attire means that a jacket and tie need not be worn so long as the member or guest is wearing tailored trousers or dressy jeans and a shirt with a collar and sleeves or a turtleneck sweater.  

Neither ladies nor gentlemen may wear ripped, faded, or torn clothing within the Club. 

Shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, athletic shoes, casual sandals, or any clothing with bold political or commercial messages are likewise unacceptable. 

Athletic wear may only be worn when going directly to or from the Sports and Fitness Centre or by members or guests entering or leaving the Club. 

Members and guests are asked to deposit outerwear (coats, hats, etc.) in the appropriate cloakroom (or for overnight guests in their bedrooms). These items may not be left elsewhere in the clubhouse. Any headwear with a religious or official significance is acceptable in the Club.

As a courtesy to others, members and guests are requested to mute their devices within the Club. Devices may be used without restriction in the bedrooms and other private rooms within the clubhouse. Elsewhere, they may only be used in accordance with this policy and in a manner that does not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of the Club by others.

Cell phones | Cell phone conversations are permitted only in designated areas of the clubhouse: the telephone booths off the Main Hallway, the lower lobby, the Sports Lounge, and in private rooms. They are not permitted in areas of the Club where they may disturb other Club users.

Laptops and tablets |  Laptops, tablets, and similar devices may be used in silent mode in the public areas of the Club, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Bar – No restriction
  • Lounge and Main Hallway – Permitted for reading only  
  • Library & Main Dining Room – Not permitted

Members and guests may not direct or reprimand any employee of the Club. Any concern, complaint, comment, or suggestion may be directed to the General Manager or to the President.