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For a number of years, the University Club has been working on increasing its network of clubs with which it has reciprocal agreements, so that as a UCT member you can access any one of hundreds of clubs worldwide and make use of their facilities as you would your own.  We continue to seek out new clubs that are sympatico with our offering, so that they can be an extension of our home away from home ethic.  I hope that any of you that are invited to an affiliate by friends that you feel would enhance our list of reciprocals will get in touch with us, so we can do our due diligence to see if this would make a good addition to our list that other members may enjoy.

To see our current 2017 listing of affilate Clubs click here for the PDF file

The list of clubs with whom we have agreements has increased exponentially, largely through the auspices of a special arrangement with the International Associate group of clubs. The University Club pays a yearly fee on behalf of its members to access this additional group of affiliations. The IACs organization has focused on parts of the world where we had less experience, but where there is an increasing demand for services, such as the Gulf, Asia and middle Europe. As a result, you now have a total of 320 clubs you can access with your University Club membership.

Given the number of changes, you might enjoy taking a few moments to peruse the new list and begin making plans for your next business trip, or, more enjoyably, some personal travel!


When you are planning on making a trip, contact the club you wish to visit and make your reservation. The next step is to contact our front desk staff and request a letter of introduction which will cover the period of your visit. Letters are generally good for thirty days, and they confirm that you are a member in good standing. Our front desk can be reached at: . Special arrangements can be made in extended stay circumstances if you contact the General Manager. Please request a copy of the letter of introduction that the front desk will send to the affiliate, since it is always safer to have the introduction on your person when you walk through the door just in case. It is also wise to ask that your confirmation number be referenced in the introduction letter - most clubs will provide some type of confirmation code when you make your booking. Note that arriving at an affiliate without a letter of introduction will likely result in being turned away. Use of any affiliate is subject to the rules of the host club, most of whom will require that you settle your account before departure. Each club has its own dress code and rules of conduct. Please ensure that you refer to their website for details in advance.

There are several advantages of making use of the affiliates. The first is that you may not know the country or city well, and don’t want to go wrong; with an affiliate you are assured that the standard is one that you will feel comfortable with. The second is the cost; there are many members who concur that they cover the cost of their UCT annual dues simply by using affiliates a few times a year. Clubs in general charge well under local hotel rates as most operate as not-for-profits and exist for the benefit of their membership – and ours once we have the benefit of reciprocity.

You should ask our front desk for a letter of introduction by emailing  and noting the name of the club you will be visiting, the dates of your visit and any confirmation number you are given as a reference.  You can also use the auto request form above.