The Club maintains a guest office area on the accommodations floor where there are two computers, a printer, a telephone and a scanner for member and guest use directly adjacent to the elevator.

The use of cellular telephones is not permitted in public areas of the Club house, however, there are two telephones for the use of members located in the front hallway booths and there are telephones in most private rooms. You are invited to use an unoccupied private room are to make a cell phone call, or to use the phone booths.

The Club offers direct dial long distance services to Members and their guests from the bedrooms, and credit card calls may be made from the two telephone booths in the front hall and from the private function rooms.

The use of reading tablets and smart phones for texting and internet access is permitted on silent mode in public rooms, but it is preferred that any extended use be removed to a private room such as the Eastern Room, Upper Canada Room or Lower Canada Room. The use of laptop computers is to be confined to private rooms only unless it is for the purpose of a scheduled Club event.